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Motivation – what’s your self talk like?

Sounds cliché, but there is a reason behind everything we do (don’t do, or put off). 

I’d like to throw into the equation some of the self talk that we give ourselves that at times may not be the most helpful in energizing us or keeping us on track.

Before doing something, what is it that drives or motivates you?  Do you think and say?

I have to…   I must…  I should…  I’m supposed to…  I’ve got to… I ought to…  I need to…

Stood alone, these are ok ways of motivating us (or pushing us), but what comes next in the sentence – what’s the because? Are the drivers, obligations to others, external circumstances, meeting expectations or having some fears and doubts –  do we say these more often than not throughout the day?

Accumulated, these can turn out to feel like a heavy load and increase stress levels.

If we flip the way we talk to ourselves, we can alleviate some of the burden or pressure we put on our shoulders. For example, we can say:

I’d like to…   I want to…  I deserve to…  I choose to…  I decide to… I will try to…  I allow my self to…  I wish to…  I intend to…   I dare to… 
This flip can change perspective. 

It can help give a desire, a motivation that feels, perhaps, less stringent towards the actions, interactions and tasks we do every day. Rather than some sort of direct pressure, we can give a greater reason or purpose that is more inviting to go for. This in turn can affect how we feel about ourselves, plus the enjoyment and satisfaction we get.  

What is the self talk that motivates you? I’d love to hear your thoughts. 

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