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Wellbeing – WHO asks what?

When you stop and think about it – what does wellbeing mean to you? How would you describe the key elements that constitute wellness, fulfilment, and happiness that not only you want to maintain but what you’d also love to achieve more of?

It’s such a prevalent term that springs up in so many environments, pretty much constantly nowadays – at work, across all forms of social media, peer groups, educational institutions and of course health and wellness organisations. The list goes on and it makes sense – our wellbeing is our homebase.

But how do we break it down, so it doesn’t feel aloof, perhaps discouraging or more to the point overwhelming.

I’ll keep coming back to this topic during the life of this blog, but as a basic point of departure, (WHO) the World Health Organization set out a basic 5 question index on wellbeing:

They are:
Wellbeing Sharon Blackburn

Taking a moment and choosing a time period to focus on (the last month, 2 months or 3 months for example) which boxes are you ticking to the 5 questions?

Although seemingly basic, they give rise to reflection on how we’re handling our:
  • thoughts
  • emotions
  • relationships and interactions
  • work
  • projects and goals
  • happiness
  • satisfaction
  • behaviour
  • health
  • physical activity
  • interests
  • passions
  • creativity

…. and much, much more….

Another take

“The Wellbeing Continuum” (Erickson Social-Focused Paradigm) gives a different illustrative view on things:

Wellbeing Sharon Blackburn

Each of us has a unique perspective from where we can put in place our own configuration on how we want our wellbeing to be formed and pursued.

The options are pretty endless and although the internet and social platforms for example give us lots of information and guidance, when and where do we stop and make our own decisions that feel right? Sometimes, there are way too many external influences that can create either impulsiveness or resistance.

Our life wellbeing puzzles are unique

Have you desires, ideas, pursuits of your own that you want to follow and make happen to feel better, happier, more satisfied, fulfilled and proud?

This does not mean avoiding or disregarding obligations or responsibilities to family, loved ones, friends and work environments etc. quite the opposite – the pieces of the puzzle can lead to the continual development of designing one’s own life. Setting terms for wellness and fulfilment can have positive ripple effects to those around us.

I can be at your side to help figure out the best pieces of the puzzle and a strategy to make them fit and work together for you. 

Please feel free to reach out, I’m always happy to hear from you 😊

Be yourself, everyone else is already taken” – Oscar Wilde
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